In our world today, where egos can be massive with voices that have nothing to say, the corporations
mega-sized and their criminal activity monstrous, I seek to break away from the empty noise and seemingly acceptable fraud – to find a peculiar beauty.

I approach my art without any plans or preconceived ideas, all the while listening for the quiet, fleeting, authentic voice within me. In this respect, I see my art as transient and naturally ambiguous.

Being raised in the West – and now living in New York City for the past few years has influenced my work dramatically. My current body of work is a series of diptychs, which is the ideal format for me to explore simultaneously the dualities of my beliefs about art (and painting in general), our culture, man’s true nature and my place in the world.

Using both personal and historical art references as underpinnings, invented objects become symbols, symbols become icons and as the man-made mixes with organic forms, both the literal and more ambiguous dicotomies are explored.

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